We work for YOU!

While Next Generation is extremely grateful for our agent partnerships, our #1 priority is to educate our clients on the current condition of the property to the fullest.

At the age of 15, Jordan started his first job as a post harvest clean up member for a watermelon farmer in O’Brien, FL. After high school he would find himself in and out of warehouse jobs until stumbling across a ” Become an Home Inspector ” ad on social media. With a passion for service he decided to get certified by not only one national accredited institution but two! After obtaining the required certifications, licensing from the state, and business insurance he was ready to hit the ground running.

Next Generation is not just our company’s name, it’s our purpose. Jordan is on a mission to build an empire that his 6 siblings and future bloodline can capitalize from. Therefore, attention to detail, product development, and reputation with clients are always on the priority list. So choosing us as your trusted inspector is an opportunity we take personal!


We are active members of the Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association to ensure we report and operate at the highest standard.

Report Consultation Available

FREE 30-Minute report consultation is available for clients who need additional support when reviewing the report. Let's review it together!

72-Hour Guarantee

Next Generation can typically provide an inspection report within 72 hours of initial contact.

Back-Up Plan Discount

In the event that our client chooses to walk away from a transaction due to defects found during the inspection, the following inspections are discounted at 10%.

One Stop Shop

During the inspection phase of the transaction, the need for convenience can be vital for hitting deadlines. So enjoy the option to have all of your service needs completed in one swing.

Meet Jordan WEidle

Owner/Licensed Inspector

“My goal for Next Generation is to be recognized as the company who puts the client first. The standard this company will live by is integrity, customer focus, and reliability. Next Generation will build an empire as The Trusted Inspector by providing equal service to all ranges of clients. Next Generation plans to develop a program for young entrepreneurs to network and learn from seasoned CEO’s on how to build a sustainable business. While inspections bring me joy for many reasons, my favorite one is the responsibility that comes with it. Nothing feels better than finding a defect that could potentially save a life. It was after my first paid inspection I knew I was where I belonged. One thing you can guarantee out of me is someone that genuinely loves performing inspections!” – Jordan Weidle

Next Generation requires their inspectors to participate in continued education courses to stay up-to-date on new building practices and materials being used.